Sunday, December 4, 2005

Mau Mau

So today I went through my whole day shopping and then went to a group meeting. Then of course when the school closed at 9 pm I realized that I hadn't really shot any pictures that day. So then went with Erika and Jessa to the Mau Mau a music bar on Portobello Road. With Jessa's little push of encouragement I set off to take a portrait of the bartender there. She was a very nice girl and fun to shoot.

I need to apply for the Eddie Adams workshop! prob should do it when I graduate and I need to remember to enter the NPPA clip contest!

Oh yes and if anyone hasn't figured it out by now, when I do my photographer review its of someone I want to be like or admire, and I will either comment on what I learned from them, why I admire them or how they relate or their photography relates to my vision.

Eddie Adams. Hey sometimes I feel ADD too! lol... actually it takes me around 3 hours to finish a post... I edit my pictures for a while, and when researching for the photographer comes up.... boy does my mind wander! lol So now I say I must go! I wonder what fun pictures await me tomorrow!

At the Mau Mau!


Tri said...

nice photos. i go to UT in austin.

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