Monday, February 27, 2006

Start of a photo story

I was good today... I shot my photo story for a couple of hours, shot my love without showing it, then shot my studio stuff, and then even shot as I was coming home.

Yay, I had a very productive day today. I woke up and slowly went upstairs to my landlord where I would start a photo story on her. She is married with 2 kids and one on the way. The fun thing is that she has her own jewlery making business in her basement. Least thats where her studio is. I'm trying to make this one audio... I got the initial interview... dunno how sound quality is yet... and sadly my voice recorder doesn't have software for macs... gar! but Shooting was fun, gave me a chance to spend more than 10mins - an hour at an event... I enjoyed myself... I even shot my "love without really showing it" shot... tony probably won't like it... I'm not the best at photo illustration yet...

Ron Haviv
. I met him once, I think last year at the Northern Short Course... or was it at the Best of photojournalism... not sure... but it was a NPPA event... sadly I didn't ask anything intelligent... I was meerly checking the facts for my newswriting class... glad those days are over! I love the the picture of the guys in Army work out clothes and the sgt or whoever's shadow it is casting over them.

Love Without Really Showing It. (no its not brushing my teeth... has to do with my bf)

Michelle DaRin converses with a friend about her business and the expose that it has gotten.

Sanding away at cuttlefish to make a mold for a ring.

Silver scraps are melted and poured into the mold to make a silver band.

Cutting up chicken, Michelle DaRin prepares dinner for her two boys and school teacher husband who all just recently returned from school and were all ready for dinner.

Roomie Tessa talking to another photog in the snow.

I wish yall were there to see it, it was the softest, lightest snow falling down... pretty, but cold.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

good weekend

What a fun weekend! Friday was Pim Van Hemmen and Ed Kashi. They spoke about stuff like video and audio with pictures. I think that I would enjoy doing sound with pictures but I dunno if I could ever fully convert all the way to video.

Post-Standard shoots were ehh... for some reason I shot everything very much under exposed... no bueno again for this week... but since I was at Post-Standard I missed all of the Alexia judging... but when I have to enter next year I know what I want my proposal to be... I just wish I was there to see what they liked and didn't like about everyone's portfolio and proposal.

Ed Kashi said a few things that I fully agree with... "This is a people profession." Which of course I agree with, and is the one of the whole reason that I enjoy being a photographer, I like talking to people and photographing em... "I just wanna work, tell pictures, make stories, I would die if I couldn't do that."

At the end of the night we were talking about my poor lense... yeah hopefully by the end of summer I'll be all geared up with Canon and whatnot... lucky for me to have a paying internship.

Elliot Erwitt. Ed Kashi had mention his name during lecture... so I thought I'd check him out. He seems to shoot in themes.... hands more or less. I dunno what else to say... keep looking...

Mary Sue Kurtz, a bowler at the Womens bowling league is in the 1st squad with the high score of 688 with handicap.

Spectators at the 1st annual student chili cookoff after the Alexia Competition.

Ed Kashi, Pim Van Hemmen, and I think Alexia's brother

The three guys again with the chili winner Christina.

Pim demonstrating a photographer who went in for a job interview.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sports shoot

More or less caused some drama... probably more in my mind than anyone elses... anyhow, lets see how photoj goes this semester!

So I went and shot womens basketball today against UConn in the dome... its been probably exactly a year since I've shot anything sports related... needless to say I'm a bit rusty... but they again I never was perfect at sports to begin with...

Oh photo story news... I went and met up with the refugee placement center today and I'm almost on my way to being throughly OK'd which is great. I wanted to do a story of a newly immigrated Vietnamese family, but with how much time I have left in this semester I'm gonna save it for next semester. I'm gonna do one more based on the center or the people to work out of it.... theres a knitting group that goes there on Thurs and they learn ESL while they knit. About 12 Somolian ladies, so that could be good! Just gonna wait till March 3rd for the staff meeting... so its a bit more waiting for me.

Ed Kashi. Syracuse Alum. I should probably do this post after I see him but ya know why not do it beforehand. Wow he shoots quite a wide range of subjects... and yes photo illustration... thing that frustrates me most... but yeah as I've been told earlier this week, that no matter how much I hate it, I'm gonna hafta master it.

Late Valentine's Day picture.

#3- Cintia Johnson

#20-Renee Montgomery; #21- Jenny Eckhart

#33- Mary Joe Riley

#25- Tracy Harbut

#21- Jenny Eckhart

#25- Tracy Harbut

#3- Cintia Johnson

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A whole week

I went a whole week without posting... means I need to shoot more... now I miss London because its not in the neg temperature and also I always had something worth posting... thinking of maybe shooting for the yearbook... not too interested in it, but it will get me out and shooting at least more than once a week...

Meeting a guy for my photo story on Monday so hope all goes well...

This week I only have one picture that I consider worth posting... no caption book with me, sowie!

Smiley N. Pool
. Not sure if I've said anything about him, but lately all of the pictures that I have enjoyed from the DMN website have been his packages. Right now the main portfolio page isn't working on the main website, but its def worth a look through if you have time. He just finished a story (if I can remember correctly) on an 18 year old mother who had her child after her husband was killed in iraq... I wish I could find the pictures to share but right now its somewhere floating online possibly...

Residents of Fayetteville stood outside of the newly renovated village hall and saluted the flag before entering their new building.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cazenovia Winterfest

Today's assignments included a Cazenovia Winterfest Chili 5K run/walk, a snow sculpture also in Cazenovia and then a snowmobile club in Chittenango. I followed Post-Standard's photographer Jim Commentucci. Twas fun, and yay for winterfests.... I'm a feature kinda girl more than anything else!

Cheryl Hatch. All aspects of life, all very well captured.

Don Ferencz plays the bagpipes during the Casanovia Winterfest Chili 5K run/walk on February 11, 2006. Ferencz, who is of Hungarian descent, taught himself how to play the bagpipes 10 years ago, and flew in from Florida the day before to visit his father-in-law, "The Colonel" James Ladd of Casanovia.

1st frame- Had the potential of possibly making a good picture... reflection of the sun through trees seen on Jim's car before heading back.

2nd frame- Composition got slightly better...This is Jim packing away 5 seconds after the first picture was taken... but I missed my intended shot, which shows you that timing is key. (This counts for my usual habit of shooting the photographers I shadow!)

Thursday, February 9, 2006

photo illustration

Oh how I'm starting to really miss shooting photoj daily... but today I went into the studio with Mike and we did our assignment for class. Plain and simple easy portraits with white, gray and black backgrounds.

Other than that, no real photo news or update!

John McConnico. Ohh a very nice and easy to navigate website. The music and everything just fits so well together. Good photographer... highly recommend you to see this if you are interested in photoj work.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Weekly update

Photo has been a bit slow for me this week. I'm pretty much getting used to driving a stick shift, so yay! Still stall a bit but not soo bad. The next planned photoj event is... I'll be following a Post Standard photographer this Saturday, so YAY! Oh and then next Saturday, they'll unleash me to the shooting externing world!

So I decided that I want to write my sociology paper on what picture runs on the front page. Tessa brought it up, for example, would a newspaper say hey yeah we'll run a picture of a black child building a snowman with the first drop of snow in a predominately populated city... in a mixed city? Would they think that it was good because hey its a good weather feature photo. Would they say no we can't do that because it would make it a race issue or would it be hey more diversity for our paper? Do some photographers go into a place and try to find that one aspect that could make the paper diverse?

I personally shoot what catches my eyes... race isn't an issue for me.

Anonymous said... You must get fucked by a lot of white dudes.
Another issue on race... ok I really wasn't going to say anything about it but I guess I am going to... so what does this mean, is it simply because I am Asian? The comment above was posted 2 entries ago, this blog more or less is fully about photo, so why does that play a part? And I realized (relating to my issue above) that almost all of my photographs are of white people... except for my sister. So does this play any part in newspaper fronts? The areas that I mostly live in are predominately white... or Hispanic....

I could go on and on forever... but I won't. Oh and thank you to whoever retaliated for me.

UPI photo exhibit. Wow speaking of which, I just found this exhibit that reviews pictures in the past about how they racially stereotype people. "Edward Steichen, Dorothea Lange, Ansel Adams, Man Ray, Edward Weston, Walker Evans, and Margaret Bourke-White," are some of the bigger named photographers in a gallery of 300 photographs... Anyone wanna road trip up to NYC?

***update*** oh damn... that exhibit was 2 years ago... sad.

Right after dinner, this was my roommate and her fiancee, it was a cute moment that I couldn't pass up, we were in a quiet little social circle gathering... had my camera and caught one shot before they woke up to my shutter!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Peaceful walk.

Old pictures and a photo related update. I just got back from going to the Post-Standard (Syracuse daily paper) and realized that I miss shooting... not for the aspect of shooting but of meeting and talking to people. On my 30 min ride to Clinton Square I talked to the guy sitting on the seat next to me. Just me asking for directions like usual. Then on my walk towards the paper an Australian man said "Happy New Years," so I stopped and chit chatted with him for a brief few mins (since I was running late.) Had my orientation meeting, went well, twas easy.

Then on the way out I was walking towards the bus and decided that since it was decently nice for Syracuse... meaning no wind or snow and alright temperature I decided to ask a Centro bus driver how to walk back to campus. He pointed to a bus and was like there, of course I insisted on walking and so he thought of a safe way for me to walk home and off I went.

As I was walking home it was just super peaceful and allowed me a good look of the downtown area of Syracuse. On the walk home another fella also decided to talk to me. Aside from the fact that he was hitting on me, it was nice being out with the community.

Yay for all the benefits of being a photojournalist... or of being an human.

Robert Frank
. Yay for street photography. Somehow I've always loved walking around and just seeing what everyone is doing outside. I love love his pictures. I wanna run around downtown and just hang out with the locals... kinda cautious about doing it with a digital, but I wanna run around one warm day with my film camera and have a me day and just have fun.

Photo is my life and love.

Just stuff that didn't make it... prof didn't like em... with the bite out of it, it is your sandwich not mine... oh well.
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