Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update: stories and Kenya

A quick update... sorry no pictures yet.

I have two stories right now.

One that is finished and waiting to be published. (Elvis) I have to go into the paper tomorrow and finish the odds and ends of it. Then it'll publish, I'll wait 3 days (cuz they have exclusive rights for the first 3 days... then its shared) and then post it on the website.

The other is detailing the journey of Kipchirchir Bitok. From filing for a student Visa to going to Kenya. I need to find a home for it first...

Kenya. It is still pending whether we will be leaving the month that we anticipated or pushing it back a few months... Kip is part of the Kalenjin tribe and it is one of the tribes under attacked right now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

San Diego- part 3

Jo on the beach on base.

Mike making a few notes before flying us to Big Bear.

Mike on his plane.

Mike making a turn as we approach our destination.

Fueling up.
Heading home in the awesome sunset light.

Co-pilot Jo.

Back passenger moi.

A new club, The Cann in West Minister.

Jo at Venice Beach with Gigi and Patrick.

Hillside at Venice Beach.

Ditto the above.

Sunsetting on the beach sand.

We went to Vegas to shoot Elvis for one of my assignments back in Texas, but I have to wait till they are published first before I post em!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

San Diego- Part 2

Horseback riding on the beach in Rosarito, Mexico. This was my horse.

A view of what I saw.

Jo getting his octopus filled in.

Yet another self-portrait... this time in a small tattoo shop in Mexico.

Jo's Birthday.

Balcony at night.

Photo shoot of shooting Sheridan.

She's building a portfolio.

She just turned 6.

She's super adorable.

I love her mucho!

Guitar hero.

Friday, January 4, 2008

San Diego part 1

First adventures... the San Diego Zoo and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.

She was soo adorable!

Banging on it's chest... in front of a sea of people behind the glass.

And yet again another happy hippo!

I think my new favorite animal is the Koala bear.

When I was in HS they made us make a list of things we wanted to do during our lifetime. This was #33- "Visit San Diego zoo and take pictures of the panda bears!" #1 was to go to Alaska and take pictures. :)

Yeah, never take pictures of stuffed animals... I couldn't resist the grass was up to my calf... I'll find a real dog to throw in there!

Jo in warm San Diego sun.

Random portrait at the observatory.

Waiting in line to see the telescope... we eventually gave up!

Pretty artificial light.

iPhone and Converse.

Sunset at the park.
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