Friday, August 4, 2006


Thao Nguyen AMERICAN-STATESMAN 08/03/06
(centered) Alejanero Martinez, 8, joins his father, Councilman Mike Martinez, in sweeping the algae on the bottom of the spring. Martinez had spoken about the importance of having his kids and his kids' kids experience the spring and that the efforts of the Friends of Barton Springs would help to preserve it for future generations. The city council came out to join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool to learn about their goals as well as help in their cleaning efforts on Thursday.
Thao Nguyen AMERICAN-STATESMAN 08/03/06
Ranol Lezutekong, 18-months-old, hands the ball to Daniel Marquec, 8, who is being held by Angelita Tobias, a social worker for Health and Fair Start Program, as they encourage Luzutekong to share the ball. Lezutekong, is from has been in the states for a year from Africa; his father is a candidate for a grad program at UT. Any Baby Can Splash Day was celebrated at the Metz Recreation Center by the Healthy and Fair Starts program along with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department designed to teach children and parents on water safety.


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