Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Update: stories and Kenya

A quick update... sorry no pictures yet.

I have two stories right now.

One that is finished and waiting to be published. (Elvis) I have to go into the paper tomorrow and finish the odds and ends of it. Then it'll publish, I'll wait 3 days (cuz they have exclusive rights for the first 3 days... then its shared) and then post it on the website.

The other is detailing the journey of Kipchirchir Bitok. From filing for a student Visa to going to Kenya. I need to find a home for it first...

Kenya. It is still pending whether we will be leaving the month that we anticipated or pushing it back a few months... Kip is part of the Kalenjin tribe and it is one of the tribes under attacked right now.


diao said...

xinchao! i was looking for thao nguyen (not you, the musician) and google took me here... a lot of impressive shots, keep on with your work. bye

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