Wednesday, February 6, 2008

02/02/08-Thong and Tam | Thanh Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant | Arlington, Texas

Officially my first wedding... I've learned that my shots have a bit of a gritty look to them. I prefer to not use flash when possible.

To be used in the tea ceremony at the bride's house.

Tie tying by the brother/groomsmen.

Prepping to go bride's house.

Tea ceremony... from the view of the children wedged between the sofa and the railings.

Bride before church ceremony.

During formal pictures.

Church ceremony.

Group picture disbanding.

Groom and bride with the ring boy and flower girl.

Car ride to the reception.

Comment matte picture frame.

Bridal party table.

Kids watching the first dance.


Anonymous said...

Hey Thao,

So far it looks great! We're looking forward to seeing all the other pictures now. Thanks for putting up with us and I hope we didn't make your first wedding your last! hahaha!


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