Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sports shoot

More or less caused some drama... probably more in my mind than anyone elses... anyhow, lets see how photoj goes this semester!

So I went and shot womens basketball today against UConn in the dome... its been probably exactly a year since I've shot anything sports related... needless to say I'm a bit rusty... but they again I never was perfect at sports to begin with...

Oh photo story news... I went and met up with the refugee placement center today and I'm almost on my way to being throughly OK'd which is great. I wanted to do a story of a newly immigrated Vietnamese family, but with how much time I have left in this semester I'm gonna save it for next semester. I'm gonna do one more based on the center or the people to work out of it.... theres a knitting group that goes there on Thurs and they learn ESL while they knit. About 12 Somolian ladies, so that could be good! Just gonna wait till March 3rd for the staff meeting... so its a bit more waiting for me.

Ed Kashi. Syracuse Alum. I should probably do this post after I see him but ya know why not do it beforehand. Wow he shoots quite a wide range of subjects... and yes photo illustration... thing that frustrates me most... but yeah as I've been told earlier this week, that no matter how much I hate it, I'm gonna hafta master it.

Late Valentine's Day picture.

#3- Cintia Johnson

#20-Renee Montgomery; #21- Jenny Eckhart

#33- Mary Joe Riley

#25- Tracy Harbut

#21- Jenny Eckhart

#25- Tracy Harbut

#3- Cintia Johnson


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