Sunday, February 19, 2006

A whole week

I went a whole week without posting... means I need to shoot more... now I miss London because its not in the neg temperature and also I always had something worth posting... thinking of maybe shooting for the yearbook... not too interested in it, but it will get me out and shooting at least more than once a week...

Meeting a guy for my photo story on Monday so hope all goes well...

This week I only have one picture that I consider worth posting... no caption book with me, sowie!

Smiley N. Pool
. Not sure if I've said anything about him, but lately all of the pictures that I have enjoyed from the DMN website have been his packages. Right now the main portfolio page isn't working on the main website, but its def worth a look through if you have time. He just finished a story (if I can remember correctly) on an 18 year old mother who had her child after her husband was killed in iraq... I wish I could find the pictures to share but right now its somewhere floating online possibly...

Residents of Fayetteville stood outside of the newly renovated village hall and saluted the flag before entering their new building.


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