Saturday, May 6, 2006

Last day of externship!

Today was my last day of work for The Post-Standard! Now I just got an essay and then its packing and off to NYC!

WSYR reporter Andrea Friedman, 22, Erin Covey, and reporter Caroline Tucker, 22 all cheer as one of their players run for a base during the 1st Bill Leaf Kickball Tournament held on Onondaga Lake Park. Three fields were used for 25 teams on afternoon of May 5, 2006.

Owner Michele Bellso (center) talks to Chrisann Rosenberg, 35, and Beata Raczynska, 37 who heard about the store through their job at Gerharz Restaurant Equipment which stocked some of the supplies at the Make and Take. The Make and Take on Frontage Road in Cicero allows customers to use the kitchen to make up to 12 meals during a sitting that allows the customer to put in the freezer for when they are ready for a premade meal.


Vi Nguyen said...

I wish I had a major so I could have some kinda drive lol. It really sucks actually :0(

Vi Nguyen said...

oh haha I forgot to tell you. Mommy told me that were all going.. cept for nam cuz he wont be home by the 28th. Were going to kansas cuz its grandma's 80th birthday so it seems pretty fun actually. I'm happy lol cuz we havent been there in a long time. Too bad it isnt after Ive taken my viet classes then i can show them all!! lol

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