Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sean's send off

Aunt Paula and Ann. (Sean's mom)

Stepdad Darrel.

Older brother Kirk with Sean.

Brother Kirk and sisters Sandy and Bre with Sean.

Sean with his friend Mike.

Friends and family.

A toast to Sean.

Friends group picture.

Sean laughing with his friends a few hours before he flew back to his base in San Diego, CA.

Sean giving his mom a final goodbye hug at the Denver International Aiport.

Sean Irwin will be leaving for Iraq with the Marines on the week of March 12th, 2007 on a 7 month tour in Iraq. If you would like to send him anything his address is :
LCPL Irwin, Sean S
2/5 Golf Company, 2nd Platoon
Unit 40365
FPO - AP - 96426 - 0365


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