Sunday, March 16, 2008

A photograph is worth a 1,000 words... today you only get words.

Please escuse me these next few days if I seem MIA... after about 270 hours, 5,384 frames, and 20.2 gigs of almost solid shooting for two weeks straight my brain is mush and desperately needs to rest.

Thats not to say that my two weeks weren't spent well, I enjoyed my time with the crew but what was once an assignment for pictures of the students on their trip has now quadrupled to many others also asking for copies of images from different point of views.

I as a professional photographer cannot and will not allow any images to pass on without being tone and fixed correctly. If I didn't then it would reflect badly on me as a photographer.

So with that said I want you to keep one thing in mind... Appreciate me as a photographer. I work hard for what I love. I went through 4 years of university and brought the best gear I could afford so that I could produce images that would reflect my 6 years of shooting experience.

I hope that one day people will realize that photography is worth something more than free. (Just like you wouldn't ask a dentist to pass out free cavity fillings to all his friends and clients... Or even an artist to paint for you without providing some sort of compensation...)

A vent? Perhaps, but remember my brain is mush, so please forgive me.


kipchirchir said...

Thao, that was only 237 words. You have just shown us (your audience) a silhouette ... you owe us a complete description that paints the entire picture!

I know your are a great photographer, no question about that! But you are right, I hate dentists and would never ask them anything for free ... I want to reserve a right to sue if they distort my dental formula.

Take a break! Enjoy the non-photography stuff. De-stress/de-mush your brain! You are coming home soon, right?

kamee said...

Thao, you're a very inspirational person, not only as a photographer but as a musician as well. That being said, I am so excited to see you perform tonight at Rubble's :)

- Kamee

kamee said...

Disregard that comment. I think I mistook you for another Thao Nguyen. I'm sorry!

I do enjoy your photography though, it's very inspiring. Keep it up :)

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