Monday, November 10, 2008

Mud Run 2008

"Mud Run is a combination of regular citizens, Civil Servants, companies, teams, colleges and some military personnel competing together through a series of boot camp styled obstacles that have been surrounded by (or consist entirely of) mud. The race is 10K and it is unique to the state of Texas."

Don signing into his male individual race.

Lacing up with the chip that'll track his time.

A quick military pull-up session for ole times sakes :)

The low crawl.  **note** I lost Don after a few obstacles... so his friends benefitted in ways of photos instead :)

Over and under.

The Stairway to Heaven.

Tim going through The Tubes.

Albert in the low crawl.

The mud run is meant to be fun! :)

Final obstacle, the last wall and then a hop, skip and jump to the finish line!

Next year... I'm doing it with my siblings and friends. It's right around my bday so I'm gonna hire a photog to document it :) So if you are reading this and want to either join or shoot, send me a message! :)


BeanerInKorea said...

Looks sick. I'd like to do it sometime!

Anonymous said...

MudRun is for dorks! This comment is specifically for Albert

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