Friday, April 21, 2006

Callin my bluff?

Yeah I know nothing about poker! Sowie to my few viewers... no photographer of the day recently and for a while.... I've been too tired by the end of the day for one.

Matt Moyer. Hmm he's a photoj and soc minor from Syracuse... and he went to high school in the area... BUT why have I not heard of him until now?! I stumbled upon an article on The Post Standard website about a fundraiser for his Iraqi fixer who got kidnapped and murdered, But I wonder why he made a fundraiser at his high school and yet we at the college don't know anything about it, or haven't heard much about anyone. Kinda sad actually.


Anonymous said...

HA! I used to know Matt when he lived in Savannah GA for a short time. He used to work at a small weekly there around 1998-1999. I was working for a different weekly newspaper and would run into him occaisionally. Last i heard he was freelancing in NYC.


Thao said...

Yeah apparently Matt spoke here last year.. I remember his one picture with the students in the university but for the life of me I don't remember seeing his speech.

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