Thursday, April 27, 2006


I hate photo ill cuz I'm awful at photoshop!

Oh and how did I find dentures? I drove to Jeffrey Stannard B DDS, on E. Genesee and just pretty much asked if I could borrow them for Thursday. The agreed. In exchange I left them a $100 deposit, in case I damaged or forgot to return them! :)

Which one do you like better? Gray or black?


lauren s. said...

def. the black :)

velvetsaje said...

I think both of them together are visually amazing.

But since I have to choose, I'd say black, it has more a dark feeling to it.

Actually it kinda scares me.

(Have I mentioned lately that 1) I can't wait for you to come to Austin and 2) I think you are an absolutely amazing photographer?)

Anonymous said...

i like the gray one a lot better

clovercricket said...

Hey Lady,

I dig on the gray one... Are you ready for the summer sister? I miss you.

Wyoming Erika.

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