Monday, March 24, 2014

APAD- Day 83- Slacker homeowners

I technically kind of like long grass. The thought of manicuring a lawn in a sustainability sort of mind sense, is sort of worthless to me. But alas, you gotta do it sometimes. Especially when your awesome and sweet neighbors mow your front lawn! (and make you feel sort of guilty for not up keeping your own yard!) :)


Doppler Photo said...

I like the blog format changes so far. One thing: when I scroll down, the list of posts (on the left) also scrolls down, so that you can't actually click on any post titles that are below the fold.

Thao Nguyen said...

Yeah I noticed that too. I swap the template last night and couldn't find a remedy for it yet.

The search option brings back links and not the posts with photos, which bother me a bit too. I'm hoping to either modify the template or I might have to find another similar one that shows the whole posts.

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