Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Another purplely round thing

Still awake at an insane hour... half being a bum and half shooting my purple round thing #2. Thursday will be a relief because it will be my one day off from work... finally. (and it's Dallas time)

Damon Winter. Wonderful photographer, I loved seeing his photo stories. (although my dial up hates me right now) My brother right now is trying to help me flash up my website and I asked a friend for a good photoj website and his is pretty nice... wish he had captions to some of em but the images are amazing.

Hmm... somehow I envisioned something wonderful and unique when I brought the 6 pack of grape Crush at the store... perhaps a more awaken mind tomorrow will do the trick... I also have another purple thing I bought that will be posted tomorrow.


Rico said...

why does it look out of focus?

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