Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yesterday's Post... a day later

This was suppose to be posted yesterday and I flaked and didn't quite do it, but I did shot a picture for my blog and I also had the intention of posting it.

Yesterday when I went to print out my schedule I noticed that I am no longer enrolled in the PHO 505 class... the photojournalism class... my major... they ended up cutting the class so currently I am trying to remedy the problem because otherwise I would have to wait until my senior year to take that class and that would push my photo editing class back another semester. Which of course would not make me a happy camper... I don't want to go through 3 years of school and yet not take the photoj class... I just need time while I still have it to work on photoj before I graduate.

I have a small range of opportunities... I could find a teacher that is willing to allow me to do independent study, I could try externing at the Post Standard, and if worst comes to worst... well then this blog will be my teacher that I turn in pictures and photo story progress to... why? because i've never gone a semester without doing anything photoj, and so far I've been doing photo stories every season so it would seem strange to take a break now.

Jessa might possibly have a car that I can borrow for the semester, so my transportation looks good. All in all this could turn out well.

Oh I gotta learn to drive a standard by this weekend, I think.

Victor Strelkovsky. This summer I was told that I had thing for seeing quiet moments and I entirely agree with that. Just like my picture of the lawn chair guy in the park in London, I was told that that was just a boring park shot, but somehow I saw it as hey look what I found in the park. Kind of this is your normal everyday life, but to me its a bit fascination and the quiet peacefulness of those types of pictures puts me at ease.

Reflection through glass of my photo illustration class taking portraits for the roster.


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