Sunday, April 6, 2014

APAD- Day 96- Chicken soup!

This one is a bit sad, for photo of the day unfortunately! We all left the house early for church and then we ran errands most of the day. After errands and a lunch/dinner (3:30pm) and more errands, Stephen and I decided to go to the gym... then grocery shop and made dinner! I also decided to make Chicken soup with orzo after our late dinner. After all of this, I noticed that it was about 11:30pm! Whoops! So... there my friend, is my reasoning for this meeh photo!

But more delicious pastries should be showing up in the feed later on this week!


Doppler Photo said...

Maybe take a photo of the cooking or canning or cleaning process? Steam is always fun. Here's one from a long time ago (of course, LN2 is better than actual steam for photographing, but is also harder to get a hold of :o)

Thao Nguyen said...

My mason jars are actually just glorified tipper containers! :) I actually just needed to break my streak of lazy night shots!

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