Saturday, November 12, 2005


Today I seemed to have slacked a bit with the photos. I ended up going to the Lord Mayor's Show. We went as a class and then of course I lost them in the first 15 minutes because I took some pictures of the carnival workers. Ended up on the sidewalk with a million other people trying to take a peek at the parade going down the road. Didn't get a shoot that I liked. St. Paul's Cathedral with the class... nothing else photo wise because by the time I got to Portobello Road it was dark and everyone was packing up already. Not so great of a pic today guys, sorry. I'll try harder for Sunday's.

Lee Friedlander. His work is interesting to me. I was recently introduced to social landscape and am now looking further into it. Social landscape seems to me pictures of everyday life but then again I might be missing the whole point. "Social landscape photography expresses a distinctly personal vision." I do like some of the images very much but then some of the others don't appeal to me as much as I thought that they would. So do I really want to do social landscape?


N.B. said...

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