Wednesday, November 9, 2005

First portrait

So I went out today with Jessa and then Erika joined us in shooting my newly revised photo story. Instead of being just Portobello Road and running around. It's narrowed down to portraits of the different vendors that set up on Portobello Road. I'm so grateful for the two of them, or else I wouldn't know where to start! The picture below is the falafel seller on Portobello Road. Picture made possible with the girls giving me suggestions and helping me set up the entire thing and then being the cheerleaders to encourage my subject!

This is really great for me since I've been pretty distant to my subjects lately in my shooting and also I have never had the confidence to tell set anyone up to shoot their portrait. So yay, I'm really excited and happy about my story! It's great to have that excitement back again...

Applying to The Austin American- Statesman, The Star-Telegram, The Wichita Eagle, The State and The Philadelphia Inquirer for summer internships. I think that if I don't get one of them, I will prob still go into The Star-Telegram this summer and get them to edit me and hopefully freelance. (They mentioned it last summer!)


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