Monday, November 21, 2005

Mobile tickets

Today. Lets see, today was spent mostly organizing my 20 image portfolio for the end of the semester. Most of it probably consisted of images that I shot from up to 2 weeks ago. When I did finally get out of the house I went to Covent Garden in search of Santa Claus and search the grounds as I may, I never found the jolly ole man. Then off I went to Trafalgar Square to see some snowboarding. Too bad I never realized that you had to book in advance. So instead I decided to shoot the outside of the event. They had a thing where you had to book in advance online and then they would raffle the tickets by mobile phones. Quite a different concept, but they've probably been doing it for a while.

Eli Reed
. Looking at his work on "Black America" makes me actually want to do something of a similar nature, only with Asian or Vietnamese Americans. That would be interesting to see how life is lived. I know how my life as a Vietnamese-American works but since I don't really know many other Asians I don't know if what I do is common or just something that happens in my household. Possible new project idea.

Snowboarding event.... hard to tell from where I stood!


Rico said...

hey did you know Eli Reed now teaches at UTA in Austin?

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