Saturday, November 19, 2005


Woke up this morning and walked by the cheese shop again. I talked to them the night before and they told me to stop by in the morning. I stood there and couldn't figure out how I wanted to to set them up. I though of one thing... but well it didn't work out quite right and before I could reset them the steady rush of people started coming in so I told the guys that I'd be back around sunset. I also shot about 2 shots of a fishmonger. Although I explained to him that I wanted a picture of him standing in the middle of his stand, he still didn't comply too well. There are a few other fish sellers along the road, but I liked his selection the best. My white balance and exposure awareness was a little bit off today.

Lauren Greenfield
. She photographed such things as youth culture, women, and beauty in society. Very much documenting life on the culture of things. I enjoyed all of her projects, she got great access and her pictures are very intimate. I think that it would be fun to think of a project of a similar nature and pursue it.

Great light on one of the cheese stand guys. I'm gonna try to redo this one.

Cheese yay!



Lance Ogrodnik said...

sweet heart those are some bad ass pictures. i am so glad you persued you dream in photography. i don't know how far i could stretch on how proud of you i am i have watched you come along way and i can't wait to see your profession keep following through for you keep up the wonderful work. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love always Lance Ogrodnik

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