Thursday, March 30, 2006

Productive day

I spent pretty much my entire shift printing out my portfolio X 2.5... cuz I'm applying for some photo things... but I think I'll just enter two of em, vs trying for the 3rd one, I don't think I have a niche in anything yet. (Oh and yesterday I was really really tired and passed out at like 8.... so I skipped an entry)

Jay Janner. One of the guys at the Statesman. He just did a slideshow with sound of the state fair... I told Zach Ryall, my editor that that was my goal for the summer... a photostory with sounds. I wanted to do the Intrepid Mime school or something like that in Austin as a story... but for the one with sound... ummm... they won't be making that much noise... but I still want to check out that story anyways :)

I cheated, Martyna was shooting Judy for her portrait, so I just snuck one in.


Anonymous said...

no fair using someone elses photoshoot. :-P

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