Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring break

Back from spring break already... twas a fun time, learned a lot from the NSC and ate a lot and had fun in NYC. Ohhhh and a photo update... we went to B&H while in NYC and I last minute decided to buy a 20mm 2.8 canon lense... and I love that thing! But gotta def wait till this summer before I make anymore big additions to my camera bag!

Thomas Hoepker
. There's something about his photography that I really enjoy... Can't seem to put my finger on it... kinda reminds me of what Vincent Laforet said during the NSC... paying attention to light, color, form, position, as well at symmetry and having patience.

Theresa Carr, a first time visitor of NYC, takes a picture with one of the dancers who performed in the underground station at Time Square. Her friend Lynn Babin who is taking the picture said that Carr a Cincinnati, OH native has never had a vacation from work and is now spending 5 days in the city.


velvetsaje said...

Thanks for the comment, Hopefully in the summer you can become a regular "character" in my stories!!!

Onto other things I'm jealous you went to NYC, I'm going to visit my friend Justin there in the summer(just a long weekend).


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